#Crazyfaith with a side of Coffee

I am sitting in the back corner of a coffee house. This is not just a run of the mill coffeehouse down the street from my home in Springfield, MO… but rather this is a much written about and greatly prayed over coffeehouse in the shadow of Capitol Hill in Washington DC. I literally flew across the country to have a cup of coffee here this weekend and pray. Was it because they have the most amazing coffee in the world… while the Pumpkin Spice Latte is amazing (I have had two) the quality of the java is not what drew me here. God asked me to come… so I came.


Let me back up a little and share the back story with you. One of my favorite books is The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. I am currently taking our LeadHer Director team through a study of this book as we have been circling our ministry in prayer. As I was re-reading chapter nine of the book with our team… God placed a strange thought in my mind. I felt like he was asking me to travel to Washington DC to visit the crack house turned coffee house that Batterson shares about in his book. The building was transformed not through the power of construction permits but through the circling of prayer by a man who had a vision.

On September 24th I wrote in my prayer journal that I felt like God was calling me to travel to DC. I asked him to make that clear for me and provide for that trip if it really was something he was asking and not just something that I was imagining.

Two weeks later… I shared this crazy thought with our LeadHer Directors. In true God fashion… several of them spoke up to say that they felt like God had been telling them that I was supposed to go to Washington DC as well. Proof that where God is calling… God is confirming.

So we looked at the calendar and found the ONE weekend that would make a crazy cross country trip possible… November 2-4. We all decided to agree in prayer that again, if I really was supposed to go that God would provide the resources for me to go. We prayed this prayer all the way up to October 31st… when I assumed that we were not going. I started to make other plans for the weekend.

On Friday, November 1st I met with a leadership mentor for a casual cup of coffee that taught me a powerful lesson: Our deadlines never sync up with God’s deadlines. She provided me with a financial gift Friday morning… a personal one… which was a HUGE blessing! It came with one instruction to NOT use it for bills but for something that I need personally right now. My first thought when I saw the amount was awe at God… it was the exact amount of money that we needed to finish paying bills this month. My instinct was to not follow her instructions and be practical instead of prayerful. Yet as soon as I told one of our fellow directors about the gift… she said, “that is your DC money Christie.”

I had not even thought of that. I assumed that a ticket on this short of notice would be so expensive the trip would be impossible at this point. Yet, I looked up the ticket and found that I could get not one ticket… but two within the amount I was gifted and still have a little left over for food and money for the Metro. God not only wanted me to step out in crazy faith… he allowed me to challenge someone else to step out in crazy faith too.

So I purchased two tickets, packed a suitcase, and drove three hours to an airport that started this #crazyfaith weekend.

As I was sitting here in Ebenezer’s today sipping my yummy Pumpkin Pie Latte trying to process my thoughts I felt like God screamed at my spirit… “Don’t just process the thoughts Christie… Post them. These experiences are not for your benefit only.” Understanding the full weight of this command from God means that I have to confess to you that I have struggled with the WORST case of writer’s block for more than a year now. Writing has long been my passion but for more than a year now the very thought of putting fingers to keyboard is physically painful for me.

Then I remembered a sentence that I circled in The Circle Maker on page 58, “writing is praying with a keyboard.” I have stopped writing and blogging because I have stopped praying through the writer’s block. Instead I had waved the white flag and focused on other areas of my calling like speaking and teaching, only writing a handful of posts and articles this last year.

I have believed that I was “All in for God” and challenged other women to be All in… but it took a #crazyfaith trip and with a side of coffee to make me realize that I was only 3/4 of the way in… I was using almost all of my gifts… but I was allowing Satan to silence the one that I was called to before anything else.

No more. I am going to dive back into the daily habit of writing by starting with sharing the stories from this weekend… I trust God to show me where to write from there. This is the first of MANY things that I am taking away from this #crazyfaith weekend! I can’t wait to share the rest with you over the days, weeks, and months to come…

3 thoughts on “#Crazyfaith with a side of Coffee

  1. Christie, Thank you so much for this message. God has been encouraging me to write too, but I have not been faithful about it — thank you for your faith and your encouragement. God loves you and so do I!

  2. Viola Jackson says:

    Thank you for your obedience to God…no greater symbol of your covenant love with and for Him! I’m so encouraged by your writing as I am in a “holding pattern”…waiting on the Lord for my next step, after following Him here to the DR by faith. So glad to know you will be writing much more soon…look forward to reading. God bless!

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